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How To Mix Your Own E-liquid (DIY E Liquid)

This video explains the very basics of mixing your own e-liquid. Even though making do it yourself (DIY) e-liquid is a science it is not a very complicated on, at least for the basics. By watching this video you will learn the basic principle of mixing your own liquid. As long as you can do some simply division you can mix your very own e-liquid. The video will explain how to do simply mixing of e-liquid flavors and cutting down the strength of your e-liquid. We will discuss flavorings and how to add flavorings to unflavored e-liquid in future videos.

Here is what you will need:

Nicotine E-liquid (can be flavored or non flavored)
Something to mix in (I use a blank ecig cap in the video)
A measuring syringe (I tell you where you can get a free one in the video)
Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (I use VG in the video and show where you can get some for cheap)
Something to stir with (toothpick works fine)

Keep in mind that this video discusses the very basics of mixing and cutting down the strength of e-liquid. In a future video I will discuss more in depth mixing of DIY e-liquid where we will use unflavored e-liquid and flavorings to make our own personal blends. Even though I do not wear latex gloves in the video you really should (especially with high mg liquid) as the nicotine e-liquid can seep into your skin.
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